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The Nashville Session Collective was born out of the idea that creativity within community will lead to artistry exponentially greater than each individual. The synergy and relationships developed over years of working together have equipped the Collective with a unique perspective and mission. Their mission is to provide artists, writers and producers with the community necessary to help foster and further their clients' creative goals.



The priorities at the Collective are first and foremost-artistry, followed by high quality product and timely turnarounds. No rubber-stamped, generic, processed music here! Like anything organic there is no substitute for true art.  While many in the music industry believe you need lengthy amounts of time to make great projects, The Collective believes by working together within longstanding relationships and a creative community, together both will provide masterful artistry in a timely fashion.

The proof is in the results. With over 25 years of experience, these world class/Tier One session players and engineers bring a wide array of talents and experience to each and every project. Collectively they have worked on projects selling over a combined 100 Million units.  Their multi-genred stylings range from Low Country Blues to High Church orchestrations and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

So bring your songs, artistry and aspirations to the Nashville Session Collective and they will partner with you to bring the best there is—to help you reach and exceed your musical goals.

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For those of you familiar with the music production process, you can be assured of priority handling of your music, a community to help develop your songs, and a quick turnaround with high quality results. You don’t have to worry about finding the right Dobro player or the perfect string section.  We can help with all of that. Just bring the music and we will bring the rest.

If you are not as familiar with the ins and outs of music production, we can help you there too. All we need is a rough song and we can assist you in developing it in a trusting, encouraging, collaborative group of people.  We are here to make the most out of your creative endeavor.  In the words of one of the members, “It’s music! It’s supposed to be fun.”  So join the community and experience exceptional care for your music and artistry.